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Eviction Notice on DoorLas Vegas has long been an area in which people have chosen to invest in residential real estate. Such investing can yield passive income and can spur the building of wealth. Unfortunately, there are instances where the tenants fail to pay their rent. They may also damage the property while creating a wider range of problems. This can result in the property becoming a liability, rather than an asset, for the landlord. Retaining an experienced attorney can help a property owner to reclaim their rentals sooner, rather than later. This can reduce the amount of financial harm inflicted by a bad tenant. Our Las Vegas eviction lawyer assists southern Nevada landlords with reclaiming their property. If you are in need of assistance contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Eviction attorney helping Las Vegas landlords with situations involving the non-payment of rent, lease violations, and more

Nevada law provides several reasons for which a landlord may evict a tenant. The most common of these reasons include the non-payment of rent by a tenant. Other common reasons for removing a tenant involve them staying past the end of their lease, violations of other lease provisions, criminal activity by the tenant, and more. The landlord may begin an eviction action in any of these situations.

The first step in evicting a tenant in Clark County, Nevada is to serve a “Notice to Quit.” This is a notice which informs that they must leave the property, within the time provided in the notice, or else an eviction action will begin. The amount of time that the tenant will be given depends on the nature of the lease violation. Cases involving the failure to pay rent (which is the most common reason for eviction), require a seven-day notice. Other reasons for eviction can require notices which range from five to thirty days, depending on the reason for which the landlord is taking action. If the tenant vacates the property during this time then the landlord may reclaim it without taking further legal action. If the tenant does not pay or vacate the property then a case must be filed with the Justice Court to have them removed.

If the tenant does not vacate the property voluntarily then the legal process will begin with the filing of a “Complaint for Summary Eviction.” If the tenant did not file an Answer within the seven day notice period (which is common) then the Court may enter a “Summary Eviction Order”. This is different from the law in many other states, which require a landlord to actually go to Court and can greatly delay the process. Once the Summary Eviction Order is approved then the Constable’s office will be engaged to perform a lockout. If the tenant does respond to the Complaint for eviction then a separate legal process will be followed. While the foregoing may sound straightforward, it involves several complicated steps. Failing to provide a proper notice, or making some other form of error, can greatly delay the return of one’s property. Retaining a lawyer to help you with the process is a step towards ensuring that things are handled properly.

Nikki Dupree-O’Brien is Las Vegas eviction attorney assisting landlords in dealing with tenants. Nikki will use your initial consultation to review your lease and to gain a complete understanding of the situation. She will make sure that you understand your rights, your options, and will let you know the best path for moving forward. Nikki will quickly draft your Notice to Quit and will ensure that the process begins immediately. Importantly, she will stay in regular contact with you as the case moves through the process and will be available to answer any questions you have as the matter proceeds. Our firm prides itself on providing a high level of service and we will make your case a priority. Contact us online or by telephone today to schedule an initial consultation.

Las Vegas lawyer providing a high level of service to landlords

If you are a landlord then it is important that your case proceeds as quickly as possible. Our firm understands that, unfortunately, many attorneys fail at moving quickly and at keeping their clients informed as to what is going on. We will make sure that you receive all copies of relevant court documents. Also, we will quickly respond to messages, promptly reply to emails, and Nikki will make herself available to answer your questions. Our lawyer is proud to serve the Las Vegas community and we bring this level of service to each and every case we handle.